Suicidal Thoughts, Brokenness Restored by Brittany Whitham

“Nobody else knows what I am going through…”

“No one will ever understand how broken I am…”

“Nobody cares…”

These are lies.

                  Depression is real whether one wants to admit it to themselves or not. It’s a burden too heavy to bear with one’s own strength, but who is willing to help? The number of individuals committed to helping young people through depression and suicidal thoughts is great, but not many people realize that. And even more so, many people are too afraid to ask for help.

When I went through depression at the age of twelve, I had absolutely no idea who to talk to. My parents and teachers? How would they understand? Why would they care? So I talked with my best friend instead. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but she was only twelve years old as well. It took me a long time to realize that even though she and I were so close, she could not fully understand what I was going through or even know how to help me.

For those of you struggling with suicidal thoughts, much like the lies listed above, take heart. You are not alone even though the world seems to be screaming that you are. This website, this chat room, this ministry is a safe place for your voice to be heard and someone to relate with your story. I know how scary it can be to ask for help, but seeking advice from another who has been there can be more beneficial than seeking advice from a friend who hasn’t been there. God knows your hurts and tears, and so do some here on earth that have been exactly where you are.

A mentor, a counselor, a parent, a teacher, a pastor… all are willing to help, but it is up to you to make the step and reach out. It may be scary, but it could save your heart from hurt, your eyes from tears, and your life from death. And instead of the lies above, your thoughts could turn to…

“Someone else knows and has lived through what I’m going through…”

“My brokenness can actually be restored…”

“I am loved.”

This is truth.

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