September is Suicide Awareness Month

September 2013


Next week is suicide awareness week.  It causes me to reflect why we started THIRST Living Waters Fund.  Our mission is to PREVENT suicide and our message is simple:

Trust Him In Relief of Suicidal Thoughts.  What does this mean?  Who is Him?


Our lives are difficult, we encounter difficult times, difficult situations, we are disappointed by relationships, we are hurt by people, this list could go on and on.  You/we are correct, you cannot walk life’s journey alone.  There is someone who wants to walk with you daily, not necessarily helping you avoid the difficult times, but wanting to help you through the difficult times and situations.  Who is this person?  It is the LORD Jesus Christ, your father, your friend, your provider, your comforter.  He wants to be by your side in all things.  He wants to walk life’s journey with you!


What needs to happen?  You need to ask Jesus Christ into your life to be your LORD and Savior.  You need to submit your life to Him.  And you need to confess your sinful nature and ask for His forgiveness.  That is the beginning of your relationship with Jesus.  Next you need to read the Bible (When you read your Bible and study the word You draw closer in relationship with him), you need to establish Christian friends and chose a church that obviously loves the LORD and teaches the truth.


There you are, sound easy?  Yes and no, but commit to beginning the journey today, you will not be disappointed.  If we can help, please let us know on the prayer line and ask that we contact you.


May the LORD Richly Bless You and Protect You!

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