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Have You Lost a Loved One to Suicide?

The loss of a loved one to suicide is an indescribable journey.As our family walks along this rocky path, we can’t say the pain is gone, but it is different. You will encounter many different experiences: friends who let you down, people who say the dumbest things, good days and awful days. Anniversaries are always tough!  But you will also experience the compassion of loving friends who come alongside you and you will feel the power of unknown people praying for you. We were blessed to join a Heartbeat group in our community, and followed that with the Heart-to-Heart group with new friends who also lost loved ones: husband, father, sons and daughter. These groups helped us tremendously; we encourage you to find a support group in your community. On our resource page most of the websites listed also have support for the bereaved. Dr. Alan Wolfelt is one of the foremost authorities on grief. (Center for Loss and Life Transition) Please join our prayer line and have our Prayer Warriors pray for you! You are not alone on this journey.


Center for Loss and Life Transition


Suicide Survivor Support Groups