HeavenFest 2012 Wow!

THIRST Living Waters Fund was a sponsor of HeavenFest, a Christian music festival in Loveland, CO held on July 29, 2012.  Barb and I had been to the event the year before and enjoyed the experience, even though we were certainly some of the older folks there.  This year, at the insistence of Sara & Bess, THIRST became a sponsor.  In 2011 over 33,000 people attended the event, mostly youth from the age 14 to 30.  We knew this was a perfect venue for THIRST.  The morning of the event we didn’t know how many people would visit our booth; so with butterflies in our stomach, yes we were anxious, we arrived at 7:30 AM.  Much to our pleasant surprise, people started coming almost immediately.  When people saw our THIRST banner they would ask what we were about.  Answering, “Trust Him In Relief of Suicidal Thoughts”, opened the door to unbelievable conversations and confessions.  We prayed with numerous hurting people and two young people accepted the Lord, hallelujah!  283 people signed up to win the iTouch and at least double that stopped to talk.  As we left at 10:00 PM, we were exhausted, but fulfilled.  It was the most incredible day; I count it as the most inspirational and humbling day in my life.  We truly believe we were used by the Lord to make a difference in people’s lives that day.  To our new HeavenFest friends, we hope to see you next year at Sports Authority Field in Denver!


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