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Six Years Ago Today I Was Given Another Chance

April 5, 2013

Six Years Ago Today By Brittany Whitham

 Lord, thank You for giving me another day,

And another chance at the month of May.

I can’t believe that only six years ago,

You saved me from taking an awful road.


But it really wasn’t a road at all,

It was ending a road and taking a fall.

It was a decision that even now I regret,

But it’s a part of my story, I must not forget.


Because six years ago today, You saved my life,

And protected my family from much grief and strife.

‘Cause six years ago today I attempted suicide,

And You were the only person that I could confide.


It was the very first time that I heard Your voice;

I heard You speak and I made a choice.

A choice in which I stayed on this earth,

And a choice that started my newfound birth.


You said the name of my sister whom I love very much,

At that time I was her strength, her only crutch.

I stayed to keep her safe and sound,

She couldn’t bare the task of putting me in the ground.


So thank You, God, for seeing my pain,

And helping me through that time of rain.

I now see Your goodness and Your endless love,

I’ll wait for Your timing to meet in Heaven above.


I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for You,

So I give You my life from here on through.

Thank You for saving me in more ways than one,

And for holding me close ‘til it is all said and done.




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